Solar Neighbourhoods


This pilot project to advance the use of solar water heating systems on Toronto homes was designed to test everything from financing and marketing approaches to actual system performance.  GL Communications designed the community marketing approach used to successfully sell 100 systems in four east-end wards.


• Developed marketing plan, messages and materials, including website, flyers, lawn signs, info kit and pamphlets (English and Chinese)


• Helped to conceptualize “help desk” marketing pathway


• Helped design and implement community outreach events, including a solar pool party and a “meet the installers” wine & cheese


• Organized news conference with the mayor


• Developed and helped direct door-to-door canvass


• Developed follow-up survey for buyers and non-buyers


• Developed communications for spin-off Solar Permits program aimed at municipal building departments


End result: The program reached its sales target in a cost effective way by creating a community buzz about the opportunity to go solar.  Learnings were captured in a final report to help advance other community solar projects.