Demolition of the Lakeview coal-fired generating station

Ontario coal phase-out


Ontario’s commitment to phasing out the use of coal in electricity generation is the largest single greenhouse gas reduction taken by any jurisdiction in North America.  GL Communications played a key role in developing the materials and messaging that led to all four major provincial parties endorsing a coal phase-out.  Working with an organization — the Ontario Clean Air Alliance — with just two staff members, we made the coal-phase out a central issue in a series of provincial election campaigns, assured the public that alternatives to coal were practical and cost effective, and convinced government that coal had to go for the sake of our climate.


• Developed strategic communications plan for multi-year coal phase-out campaign and worked with staff to adapt tactics on the fly.


• Created all public outreach materials, including websites, pamphlets, billboards, reports, and factsheets


• Framed political messaging and edited substantive reports


• Developed strategy to build on the success of the coal phase-out through a nuclear phase-out


End result: Coal accounted for less than 3% of Ontario’s electricity generation in 2011 and the province has passed a legally binding regulation to end all coal burning by 2014.