Subway video board animation


Boreal Opportunities Initiative


Ontario’s vast northern boreal forest is one of the greatest wilderness areas left on Earth.  Environmental organizations in Ontario were calling on the Premier to put his commitment to protecting at least half of this great wilderness in law.  GL Communications supported all aspects of the year long integrated public outreach and government relations campaign.  The challenge was to bring this remote area home to voters in Southern Ontario and to bring the issue to the top at Queen’s Park.


• Designed and built campaign website


• Developed animated virtual flyover of area as a key website feature


• Wrote and designed a 4-page tabloid newspaper targeted to provincial decision makers


• Organized a Queen’s Park reception for MPPs and staff


• Designed a series of ads for the Metro commuter newspaper


• Created a OneStop animated ad for subway video panels in Toronto (top right)


• Wrote radio ads asking Premier to keep his promise


End result: Ontario passed the Far North Protection Act in 2010 which legislates protection for 50% of the far northern boreal region.


Metro News ad

Queen's Park reception invite

Boreal tabloid